Pros & Cons of LASIK Vision Correction Surgery

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Once you wake up in the morning and do not reach for your glasses or you spend a few minutes putting on contact lenses. Patients seek LASIK eye surgery for many reasons. Most people want to enjoy work and relaxation with a clear vision. The idea of eye surgery is fine but being awake during it can be scary. Lasik Vision Correction Surgery procedure involves cutting a small flap in the cornea surface in order to reshape the cornea underneath it. Here are several pros and cons of LASIK surgery.


Pros of Lasik Vision Correction Surgery


1. Pro: LASIK Eye Surgery is Quick Safe: LASIK eye surgery hardly takes about 15-20 minutes and most of that time is spent in setup for surgery. This surgery is completely safe and gives peace of mind. The laser is designed in a way, it will shut off if a patient’s eye makes any sudden movements that could cause rapid error or injury.

2. Pro: Quickly Outcome: This procedure does not take long to gain clear vision. LASIK patients will notice the difference in just a few hours. You will see it really clear by the next day. Most of the activities can resume in 48 hours.

3. ProLive Without Glasses Contact Lenses: If you choose LASIK surgery, many patients view the outlook as life-changing and it means to enjoy every basic activity that was hindered by poor vision. It will free you from glasses and contacts.

4. Pro: Vision Will be Greatly Improved: Lasik Vision Correction recipients can gain 20/20 vision. You just don’t expect superhuman sight without glasses and contact lenses.


Cons of Lasik Vision Correction Surgery


1. Con: Everyone is Not Eligible: It is unsuitable for those who are often 40. It is because they may have presbyopia where the lens of an eye becomes stiff and hinders vision.

2. Con: Few LASIK Risks are Possible: Even though LASIK may cause dry eyes for three months and becoming a permanent issue is rare. A few more are uncommon side effects: night-time glare and halos. The risk is much lower and the technology used is much better.

3. Con: Flap Can be Injured: The flap created during Lasik Vision Correction is not secured. The patients should not rub their eyes while they heal. Any trauma to a flap could displace it even years after surgery. Visit your ophthalmologist immediately if such trauma occurs.

4. Con: Slight Chance You Will Need LASIK Surgery Again: Those who have higher medicine prior to surgery are likely to see minor changes in vision quality over time. This is known as myopic regression.


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