Places To Celebrate Halloween In the USA

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Halloween is one of the most classic American holidays, certainly one of the most exported and appreciated abroad. For many years now, even in our cities, children dress up on October 31st, and the locals organize hundreds of themed parties, but this is not the real Halloween. If you plan to visit the United States, try making your flight bookings using the American Airlines reservation option. 

If you want to breathe the atmosphere of Halloween, you must visit the United States for All Saints Eve. It is there that you can watch parades and events in genuinely great style. American Airlines Manage Booking has the best service that helps in grabbing the best seats. 

In this guide, we have curated some of the most interesting American places to spend Halloween with the whole family. 

Halloween in New York: The Village Parade

According to many travel guides, to witness the best Halloween celebrations in the United States, on October 31st, you must be in New York, and more precisely, in Greenwich Village. In fact, in this district, the “Village Parade” is celebrated, an incredible parade that involves thousands of people in masks. The party is genuinely unbelievable and multicultural. Each community prepares a real show always accompanied by music. 

Salem’s Grand Parade

“Salem,” to mention, is a small town in Massachusetts that immediately brings shivers down the spine. As some of the scariest legends were born here, Halloween is a real institution, albeit far from frightening. The Traditional “Grand Parade” is an event mainly for families but involving over 200,000 people. Here you will find really everything, from Calavera to Harry Potter, from Avengers to Star Wars, creating an ambiance highly similar to a carnival or a comic-con. 

West Hollywood Halloween Carnival

West Hollywood is one of the most famous neighborhoods in LA, as are many popular actors and celebrities who work in the entertainment industry. For All Saints Eve, you can attend the “Halloween Carnival,” a sort of Hollywood-style Halloween, where you can dance in masks and have a fun night. It is undoubtedly a party suitable for young people, quite chaotic but at the same time, pleasantly goliardic. 

New Orleans Halloween

Halloween in New Orleans is second only to Mardi Gras. The city boasts myths and legends able to stand up to the most famous horror films. New Orleans, even on Halloween, does not miss the opportunity to show off all its theatricality, in particular in the Bourbon Street area, which for the occasion is entirely decorated with a theme, with monsters, cobwebs, and masks on windows and balconies. Also, on this occasion, obviously, the classic parade to the rhythm of “when the saints go marching in” could not be missed. 

Dia de Muertos (In Mexico and Beyond)

Dia de Muertos is not Halloween and is celebrated from October 31st to November 2nd, mainly in Mexico. However, it is partly to commemorate the dead, even if it has profoundly different traditions from Halloween and its symbolism. We point it out because you will be in America, especially in the California region, and you might end up meeting members of the Mexican community intent on celebrating it. So hop on that flight and mark your best Halloween in the USA. You may even use the option of Lufthansa Airlines Book a Flight service to get the cheapest and most comfortable flights. People traveling with Lufthansa Airlines reservations have experienced the most pleasurable flying experience at the best price. 

Have a safe and healthy Halloween!

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